Monday, January 10, 2011


Okay, so it's kind of a stupid question. Everyone knows that when a girl's name changes, she got married, but I am still SO HAPPY!! WOOT!
So I'll start answering the basics. :)
His name is Mario.
He's from OR.
We got married on the 3rd of Dec. 2010 in the Mesa, AZ Temple.
We did not get a toaster. (For some strange reason, a LOT of people have been asking us that.)
We met under quite miraculous circumstances. We'd seen each other around at the singles' ward, but it was really weird when we bumped into each other at the SLC airport, both headed home from weddings. (Little did I know that he had just caught the garter... maybe I should have really dove for that bouquet, then it would be REALLY interesting....) I was kinda waiting for a missionary at the time, so I was thinking something along the lines of "Nice guy, but no." We got to talking and found out that our tickets were... not sitting together.
So we boarded the plane, but when I came to my seat there was this lady fidgeting around, looking really worried. She saw us and said "Hey, do you mind if we switch seats? My boyfriend hates flying and I really need to be with him."
Mario looked at his ticket and guess what? It was the seat next to the lady's boyfriend. Ironically, I had just got done saying that I didn't believe in coincidences.
Very funny, Heavenly Father. :)
So we rode on the plane home, talking the entire time. He caught a ride home with me and my parents and that was that. That was July, and I didn't hear from him again until late mid-September. Evidently, his phone was stolen, so he spent that time trying to text me on my home phone number. Haha! We started dating on the 20th, were engaged October 16th, and the rest is history.
Married life is wonderful so far. He's just started working again after taking about a month-long break. (Our honeymoon won't end for another eternity or so.) :)
That... and guess what?
Jagumaterra ASFP now contains a special surprise that only those who follow my FB group know about. (Dun, dun, dun!)
So pick up and check it out!
Love ya'll!

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  1. This is a great story :). You have to come up to Rexy or something so we can really get to know you!